About You

Professional? (athlete, doctor, lawyer, musician)
Business Owner?
Elected official?
Recently sold your business?

Do any of these apply to you? …

  • You may be asking yourself, “I have it all! Why am I not happy?”
  • You’re surrounded by people who agree with you but you yearn for someone close who will just talk to you without all of the pretense.
  • You tend to put others before yourself.
  • You have something inside that wants more, but more what?
  • The greater your success and the more people who want your time, the more isolated you feel.
  • You may not be alone, but feel lonely. You may not be lonely, but feel alone.
  • You sometimes feel that you’ve lost that man inside who got you to where you are.
  • So much of your energy goes into one or two areas of your life, but you crave balance.

High achieving men are passionate creatures! You set high standards for yourself and others. You push. You expect a great deal from yourself and those around you. You strive to “succeed.” But quite often when you reach those pinnacles of success and financial fortune, you find a profound sense of empty.

Where is that happiness and “feeling on top of the world” that you expected? Perhaps along with this feeling is a sense that you want to do more but you also want know that your life means more than just hitting the next target.

Or maybe you feel ready for a shift. For something new. But what is it?
It’s one of the few times in your life that you struggle to plan because you can’t seem to even define the issue.

If any of the above hits home for you, then know that you are not alone. The problem is, knowing you’re not alone doesn’t make any of it feel better or move you any closer to a solution.

There comes a time when even the strongest among us must reach beyond themselves for perspective and guidance.

Who I coach

  • I work with top performers.
  • I work with dreamers and men of influence.
  • I work with men willing to invest in themselves, knowing that the greatest ROI they’ll ever realize is inside…not out there somewhere.
  • I work with men who have their EGO (Evolutionary Growth Obstruction) in check (or want help with it.)
  • I work with men who live or seek a life of Peace, Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.
  • I work with men who inspire me as a coach.

Who I won’t coach…(until they are ready)

  • I won’t work with men who aren’t willing to put as much effort into their self-development as I am.
  • I won’t work with men who refuse be honest about themselves and their emotions.
  • I won’t work with men who refuse to accept responsibility.
  • I won’t work with men who are not committed to the process of coaching.
  • I won’t work with men who don’t inspire me as a coach.

"As men, we all face struggles and frustrations during our lives. Engaging a professional coach is a sign of strength. It will give you a personal and competitive edge.”

—Blake Tumbleson