About Me

My Bride: I’m happily married to the perfect woman for me. We married in 2012 and were both previously married for 20 years. It hasn’t been perfect since 2012, but it has been wonderful, and we’ve been relentless about becoming better individually, and as a team. We are committed to each other, deeply in love with each other, and live a peaceful, passionate, purposeful, and prosperous life. We recently built our dream home in the woods. Another dream conceived, planned, acted on, and realized.

My Boys: I have 5 boys! Three are my sons and two are my wife’s sons (stepsons). They’re all my sons. They are all in their early 20’s and up and finding their own paths in life. Being Dad is a gift, an honor, and a responsibility. Regardless of how old your kids get and you get, you’ll always be Dad. I’ve made many mistakes and done many things well. I’ve been a poor example at times and a very good example. Regardless, I keep loving them and try to be the example of a ManEvolving by demonstrating the qualities I want to see in them the most.

My Work: I’ve had the opportunity for 40 years to advise and consult with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, professionals, and others on how purchasing an aircraft can serve their business and their personal life. In that role, as in coaching, we start with the basics. What’s the challenge/issue? What’s the mission? What do you want to achieve? What will it look like a year from now if this is successful? As a result of this work, I understand the struggles that high achievers experience both internally and externally, and in business and personal life.

My Past: I grew up with a father who had a stellar reputation as being “the most honest guy in aviation.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that from people over the years. Growing up he was an only child, and while he was loved by his parents, he was raised by his aunts. He told me once that he never heard his dad tell him “I love you!” Not once. So what did he do? Did he become bitter and pass down that legacy? NO. He made sure that all of his 5 kids (me being the youngest) heard “I love you” from him on a regular basis. He showed me that we are not victims of circumstance, but rather architects of our future. He was a hard worker. He was hilarious. He was an example of a real man, and an inspiration to me right now and always. He created a new legacy. So much of him is in me, and now passed down to my sons, as they forge their own destinies and legacies.

My Struggles: Over the years I would face many of life’s challenges and I would lean on my fathers example and inspiration to survive. Business success followed by the accompanying emptiness, loss of my business and eventual bankruptcy, a marriage that started well but ended ugly, followed by a nasty and expensive divorce, deep sadness and frustration, poor health and overweight, loss of direction, too much wine — too often, emotions out of control, death of two of my sisters, a search for meaning, direction, and inspiration. I’ve had some low points and low periods. I’ve learned not to take myself too seriously and how to have fun.

My Progress: In 2009 I made an internal shift. I was overwhelmed with overwhelm. I was exhausted with playing out all of these roles for others. I just wanted to be me. But first, I had to discover who “me” was. I had to identify the reasons for my self-sabotage, for the emptiness despite my “success”, for the bad habits, for the confusion, for the self-medication. I had to find myself and release the real me.

Slowly I grew. During this growth I continued some less that stellar behavior and habits, but I kept on growing inside. I was (and am) relentless about focusing on personal growth. Gradual progress turned into understanding and greater progress. Understanding and greater progress turned into wisdom and a life of Peace, Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity (what I refer to as “P4”). This is the point where my vision for coaching began and continues. You can stay stuck in the same loop of hell unless you take action to change it.

My Passion: Any trained coach can take you from a goal to action plan, to realization. That’s part of what we’ll do, but that’s not my focus of expertise.

My passion is working with men of influence who can relate to my story and struggles because they are there themselves and need someone to help lead them out of where they are, and into what’s next. I conduct deep, transformative coaching. To me that is high value coaching! That matters. That is the place where I can make a difference in the life of the man across from me and by extension, those who he serves (family, friends, employees, associates, protégé(s), other leaders). I help men create peace, passion, purpose, and prosperity.

"As men, we all face struggles and frustrations during our lives. Engaging a professional coach is a sign of strength. It will give you a personal and competitive edge.”

—Blake Tumbleson